Stability Testing

The Alfabs Stability plate main function is to assess the stability of an LHD with a compatible attachment. Stability plate is capable of being run off the LHD machine hydraulic source and is also supplied with it's own battery supply unit.

Stability Testing allows for the user to determine the following for the spefic attachment

  • Maximum transport height
  • Maximum transport speed
  • Maximum cross grade

Alfabs now have 2 stability plates in their fleet, with the most recent including the following upgrades.

  • Fork tyne pockets and drop down wheels to allow for easy transporting on site
  • On and off ramp to make the loading process easier
  • Simpler hydraulics circuit and control unit

We can complete stability testing at both out NSW Newcastle Branch and QLD Mackay Branch, as well as supply fully trained personnel to conduct testing on site. Alfabs Mining develop a full Stability Test Report for each piece of equipment.