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Open Cut

992 Opencut Reeler
The 992 Open Cut Reeler is designed to manage electrical cable used to power draglines, shovels and drills. Tare Weight: 3800kg Gross Weight: 18800kg Length: 2800mm Width: 3500mm Height: 1900mm SWL: 15000kg More>>

992 Opencut Reeler $poa
CRAB Reeler
The CRAB (Cable Reeler and Base) has been designed by mining industry experts to manage electrical cable used to power draglines. The CRAB has many advantages including reduced damage to Cable, reduced manual handling and heavy lifting, reduced exposure to slip, trips and fall injuries, reduced star ... More>>

CRAB Reeler $poa
Truck Mounted Cable Reeler
The Truck Mounted Cable Reeler is designed as a safe and efficient means of handling cable in an open cut mining environment. Its design incorporates the use of a hydraulic operated gearbox and motor as well as a range of features to ensure the safest operation possible. Specifications and featur ... More>>

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