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Cookie Plate
Tare Weight: 1200kg Gross Weight: 56200kg Length: 2000mm Width: 2400mm Height: 215mm SWL: 55000kg More>>

Cookie Plate $poa
Cookie Plate Swivel
Tare Weight: 2544kg Gross Weight: 42544kg Length: 2280mm Width: 3000mm Height: 250mm SWL: 40000kg More>>

Cookie Plate Swivel $poa
Pan Picker
The Alfabs Pan Picker has been designed for the removal and installation of pans in Longwall installations and relocations. The Pan Picker has a tilt function on both sides to allow for installation and recovery on uneven lines and also has a side shift movement to allow the LHD to be further away a ... More>>

Pan Picker $poa
Rack Bar Lifter
The Rack Bar Lifter was designed as a method to prevent manual handling injuries with the increasing size of the longwall rackbars. Its design features poly wheels to allow for effortless guiding and movement of rack bars on the panline. It has also been fitted with breaking system to prevent inadve ... More>>

Rack Bar Lifter $poa
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