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LHD Attachments can be built to suit QDS, KAT or RAS attachments. We can also custom build this equipment to suit your design, size and specifications.

LHD Attachments

Designed for use with 150mm to 600mm Auger Bit Tare Weight: 2300kg Gross Weight: 4300kg Length: 1666mm Width: 1500mm Height: 1400mm SWL: 2000kg More>>

Auger $poa
Belt Splicing Pod
The Belt Splicing Box is designed to carry 3 tonnes of belt splicing Equipment including bars, platens, bolts etc, enabling safe and efficient transport and storage method for belt splicing equipment. Tare Weight: 2,345kg Gross: 5,345kg Length: 3426mm Width: 2500mm Height: 1281mm SWL: 3000kg More>>

Belt Splicing Pod $poa
Bucket 2.1 Eject
Tare Weight: 1800kg Gross Weight: 5600kg Length: 1785mm Width: 2170mm Height: 1300mm SWL: 4800kg More>>

Bucket 2.1 Eject $poa
Bucket 3.1 Eject
Tare Weight: 2550kg Gross Weight: 10000kg Length: 1900mm Width: 2680mm Height: 1300mm SWL: 7450kg More>>

Bucket 3.1 Eject $poa
Bucket MH40 - The Hungry Hippo
The MH40 Bucket is designed for the safe and efficient means of transporting 10 cubic metres of road base and other materials. It is fitted with Fork Tyne pockets designed to be used by an MH40 and features two locking tabs to secure the attachment to the LHD. Tare Weight: 5,200kg SWL: 10,000kg ... More>>

Bucket MH40 - The Hungry Hippo $poa
CABA Quick Fill Pod
The CABA Quick Fill Pod has been designed for the safe refill of Caba Units during an emergency evacuation. It Features correctly rated storage tanks, stainless steel piping and pressure gauges for monitoring and maintenance. Tare Weight: 1950kg Gross Wei ... More>>

CABA Quick Fill Pod $poa
CABA Storage Pod
The CABA Storage Pod is designed to safely refill CABA during an emergency evacuation. The shelves are fitted with shock absorbing material to prevent damage to CABA units during transport. The waterproof doors are fitted with gas struts to assist in opening and closing. ... More>>

CABA Storage Pod $poa
Cable Boat
Tare Weight: 1500kg Gross Weight: 3500kg Length: 3276mm Width: 1035mm Height: 1281mm SWL: 2000kg More>>

Cable Boat $poa
Can Clamp
The Alfabs Can clamp is designed to allow the safe transport and installation of roof support cans from 600mm to 900mm diameter. Tare Weight: 2300kg Gross Weight: 4300kg Length: 1666mm Width: 1500mm Height: 1400mm SWL: 2000kg More>>

Can Clamp $poa
Chain Locker
Tare Weight: 1300kg Gross Weight: 4100kg Length: 2150mm Width: 1200mm Height: 1700mm SWL: 2800kg More>>

Chain Locker $poa
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